Dealing with Blank System Tray Icons

Took too long to find this with Google, so I’m reposting it here in case I forget in the future 1. Back up the Registry by creating a restore point. 2. Go to Start > Run (or Windows-key + R), type in regedit and hit OK. 3. Navigate to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify. 4. Delete…

DNxHD 444 10-bit QuickTime Codec Export Issue

DNxHD 444 10-bit QuickTime Codec Export Issue

I needed to create DNxHD 444 10-bit QuickTime files from 10-bit DPXs in Mac OS X. I first tried in Shake (I know, what old ass program, but we’ve got licenses and it’s still very script-able) I then noticed when I set the output bytes to 16 and set the QuickTime export settings to what I…

River of Time

the river of time
flows quickly without mercy.
swim or get swept off

Change the Hostname/Sharing Name in OS X

scutil -–set HostName new_hostname

Calm 100% CPU aslmanager

sudo launchctl stop
sudo launchctl stop
sudo rm /var/log/asl/*
sudo launchctl start

Hoony Hoon’s Boom Chi Wow Now Online

Hoony Hoon's Boom Chi Wow Now Online

Well if the director’s gonna share the link to the leaked version, I guess I can too. This is the music video I helped on. I did some VFX for it. I also shot some second-camera stuff for the pool party scene, but I don’t think they used any of what I shot. Anyhow, enjoy!…

After Grace Screening at the LA Asian Pacific Film Fest

After Grace Screening at the LA Asian Pacific Film Fest

“After Grace” is a short film that I was director of photography on, among other roles. It’s screening at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival as part of the Long Distance Short program.

Date: Sunday May 2nd, 2010
Time: 9:00 pm
Location: Directors Guild of America Theatre 2. Click here for directions
Tickets: $12 general/$10 students/seniors. Available at the venue or online here.

Zombies in Love

Zombies in Love

It’s not often that zombies roam around the town of Alhambra. Actually, I don’t think they ever have, but thanks to the Gallery Nucleus‘ latest exhibit, they did last night. As part of opening night festivities, the gallery organized a zombie procession down Main Street in the heart of downtown Alhambra that ended at the exhibit itself. The procession was lead by a very familiar but hideous looking zombie bride.

Pasadena Confidential, An Esotouric Tour

Pasadena Confidential, An Esotouric Tour

I’ve always found crime a fascinating subject. I find it even more interesting when it happens in my own back yard. Unfortunately I have yet to experience the Blood and Dumplings Tour, offered by Esotouric, which actually does go around to spots in my home town and the surrounding areas. Instead I went with the next best thing, a a crime tour of the Pasadena area, they call Pasadena Confidential.

All the Simple Things

It used to be just about
         all the simple things
We never used to worry about
         what tomorrow would bring
Life was just so easy, we'd
         run free with no strings
We could fly with no wings
         finding heaven on the swings
Oh, whatever happened to those simple things