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With Bright Eyes

With bright eyes we look at the new day
Each moment fresh, novel and with so much to say

Life with its surprises puts a smile on our face
All we see, smell, and the delights we can taste
Unique visions fill our mind and the dull replaced
Greatness is within reach with increasing pace
Hope for even better days is warmly embraced

The truth we feel in our hearts now reigns
Have faith and never be bound by any chains
Emerge from slumber and feel the blood in our veins
Yell out the thoughts that we can no longer contain

So much in this life is left to do and to feel
Unfolding before us is a new plan, a new deal
For the road ahead is what we take and make real
From the old, we make new, the broken we heal
Embracing the destiny that only we can reveal
Remember that is up to us to define the ideal