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Going Back

A warm breeze caresses my arm on a quiet summer night
All I can see is the area within reach of a single aged lamp post
The light claws out like a desperate dying solider dedicated to fight to his last breath
The night is too strong an enemy and the light can only stand a meager ground

And so here I stand, by myself, a ward of the light
As I wait at this stop, with two shadows cast--mine, yours
Soon we will board a train out of this war zone
where the darkness can no longer fight, can no longer reign
where we can forget about battle's lost, and remember only our better times
When we would play like a pair of butterflies in the glowing light of the sleepy sun
Floating together,we felt light, free of the burdens that later weighed us down
We were happy.

But, now you must go back to the comfort of your mother's arms,
having fought a good fight, we must part. I must go back too,
but not before our one last ride away from this cold, dark place.
The black is so blinding, I must close my eyes.
Now I look, I see a single moth flying, drawn to the flicker of a dying flame
My heart sinks, remembering the days I flew alone, searching for you.
To those days I must go back, returning as the soldier with battle scars
Your memory ingrained on my heart, on my mind,
as a bittersweet wound, and always a reminder
I must move on and I must go back.