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Let Go

If you value your life, then you must let go
Hang on and the roots of your pain only grow
The stalk will soar, you'll lose sight of the ground below
Suffocate in the thin air, you'll reap what you sow

Let go of the past, and how you used to feel
Let yourself fall, be broken, so you can heal
Nurture a fresh seed, let it mature to ideals
Let in the light, the truth, and embrace what is real

Now, just let go before you find it too late
So, take back control and redefine your fate
Make fertile the soil and move on from the hate
Open your eyes, your heart, and wipe clean the slate

Let loose your grip, so you can pull out the thorns
Better to bleed now, than to always be torn
Burn now in the fire, but soon, come out reborn
Rise up from the ashes a new person, unworn

Let go.