Simple Pleasures

Today, after sitting for hours in front of my computer fighting against Adobe and JavaScript, I got fed up and went out for a walk. I’ve worked in Santa Monica for almost two years and I rarely get out of the office and enjoy what the town has to offer. I generally have a carpe diem attitude, but I realize I lose it from time to time, so I took this opportunity to do something I should have done before and more often.

First I walked to the Third Street Promenade where I felt very much comfortable. It was busy and full of life, which is the way I like it. It’s almost the same feeling I get when I’m in Downtown San Francisco, Berkeley or Tokyo–they all have their different flavors, but they all share a similar urban vibe. Just walking around, seeing the street performers, watching the tourists with their larger than life cameras and noticing other people enjoying their day lifted my spirits.

Next I made my way to the beach, where I enjoyed a moment of the ocean breeze. The breeze was incredibly refreshing considering it got to be over 100 degrees in my hometown and over 80 degrees in Santa Monica, which for Santa Monica is pretty warm. I only made it a few steps into the sand and in my tennis shoes, I surely wasn’t going to be able to make it anywhere near the water without having to carry a ton of sand back in them. Just standing on the beach is something I haven’t done for almost a year, and the whole time I’m working just a few blocks from it. Going to the beach is a simple, but, for some strange reason, rare pleasure for me.

While I was enjoying nature’s everyday gift of the beach, I caught part of another one of nature’s gifts–a sunset. I can’t remember the last time I really sat and watched one. I wasn’t able to sit and watch this one in it’s entirely either. since I had to get back to work at that point. Before I headed back, I did take a couple of snapshots via my phone’s camera of the sun as it was coming close to the horizon.

Hopefully I’ll remember to do these kinds of things more often, and take advantage of more of life’s simple pleasures.

  • The sun falls further into the sea.

  • The sun hypnotizes

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